Bivacco Mischabeljoch [3860 m]

Situato sulle rocce a N sopra il Mischabeljoch, all'inizio della cresta SE del Taschorn Coordinate GPSLat.102.600 - Lng. 633.060 PRICES Members SAC: Sfr 22.- Non Members: Sfr 32.- SAC Youth and Members (age 10 – 22 ans): Sfr 13.- Young Visitors (age 10-17): Sfr 19.- Children (age 1-10): Sfr 10.- INFORMATION Shelter type: hut Elevation: 3855m Longitude: 7° 51′ 56.82″ E Latitude: 46° 4′ 27.61″ N Swiss coordinates: 633046 / 102624 Staffed: no Capacity when unstaffed: 24 Matress: yes Blanket: yes Wood fired oven : yes (wood always provided) Heating: with wood APPROACH Täschhütte–> Weingartengletscher: 4-5h Längfluh: 4h (difficult) Mittelallalin –> Alphubel: 4-5h TREKS Alphubel North Face Täschhorn South Face Crossing Täschhorn – Dom – Lenzspitze – Nadelhorn

Riscaldamento, WC, Cucina
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There is no Active Excursion.
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