Hike on the Appian Way to the Pope's summer residence (English / In lingua Inglese)

The Queen of Roads: Hike on the most famous Roman road, the Appian way – with an expert guide – see a stunning lake and nature as we’ll walk past stunning and epic reminders of the Roman Empire.


5 hours approximately, including briefing, explanations and rest breaks.


A hike like no other. From Circus Maximus, we’ll make our way to the Pope’s summer residence on the Alban Hills, walking on the epic, world-famous Appian Way, also called “The Queen of Roads”. You’ll experience a real authentic Roman hike (medium/difficult) that is about 21 kilometers long, starting from the accessible Circus Maximus subway station. You can experience a scenic lake, Roman villas, and flora and fauna along the Appian Way. This is a magnificent cultural experience if you enjoy hiking, appreciate nature, find solace in quiet, and relish a direct experience of history. When in Rome, hike as the Romans do.

More info

• Meeting time 15 minutes prior to departure.
• Language: English
• This experience is one-way and will begin at Circus Maximus and finishes just above the train station Castel Gandolfo (with regular trains returning to Rome).
• Difficulty Level: Difficult (Distance: ~21 kilometers, Elevation gain: 395m, Includes uneven terrain)

ℹ️ The final duration of the hike and the itinerary may vary, depending on weather conditions, unexpected obstacles (e.g. a fallen tree along the way), or other safety reasons. It is at the discretion of the professional hiking guide to determine alternatives or to shorten or extend the experience.

This is a professional activity in accordance with European Union legislation and Italian law no. 4 dating to 2003.
I am a professional guide enrolled in the register of the Italian Association of Interpretive Nature Guides – AIGAE.

What to bring

What’s included?
• Hiking tour from Circus Maximus to Albano Laziale.
• Most of the time we will be hiking on the original Roman Appian Way, filled with natural and historic witnesses of Rome’s glorious past, then make our final ascent to the beautiful town of Gandolfo, where we’ll be able to see both a volcanic lake, as well as the Pope’s summer residence.
• About 90% of the tour will be hiking, about 10% I will be explaining noteworthy points of interest
• The hiking tour will start and end very close to public transport

What should you bring?
🟢 Obligatory: Hiking boots, 1.5 liters of water, clothing suited for an outdoor hike, backpack, bring your own hiking lunch
🟡 Recommended: Comfortable backpack, raincoat, sunscreen, hat (protection from both sun and rain), trail snacks, tickets for public transport
🟠 Optional: Hiking poles, electrolytes, sunglasses

Please note:
The hiking tour does not include transport, food, or entrance to any attractions.

Punto d'incontro
Informazioni tecniche
Distanza 24 Km
Dislivello Salita 440 metri
Dislivello Discesa 100 metri
Abbigliamento Hiking boots, clothing suited for an outdoor hike, backpack
Organizzata da

Salvatore Benintende

  • Guida Ambientale Escursionistica
Escursione su richiesta
Scadenza Iscrizioni 10 Settembre 2022
Nazione Italia
Regione Lazio
Provincia Roma (RM)
Luogo Roma - Castel Gandolfo
Orario 07:30 - 13:30
Tipologia di escursione Escursione
Difficoltà EE: Escursionisti Esperti
Costo 25 Euros