Hike in the UNESCO-heritage, ancient beech forest

Into the Forest: Hike the peaceful UNESCO forest in Oriolo – with an expert guide – and visit the magical “beech forest”, among 500-year-old trees, fresh air, silence, and unspoiled nature.

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3.5 hours approximately, including briefing, explanations and rest breaks.



Experience this beautiful forest hike, just 50 minutes away from Rome! It is a magical place, where you can enjoy the majesty and silence among 500-year-old trees while listening to the many bird species.

🌳 Breathe the fresh air, and take in the pleasant fresh smells of the woods that come to life. On some days, the fog gives it a mystical feeling. This ancient forest is protected by Unesco for its global ecological value, as it has not undergone changes in many centuries.


More info

▶ Meeting time 15 minutes prior to departure.

▶ Language: English

▶ This experience is set up as a loop and will begin and finish at “”Piazza Claudia””.

▶ Difficulty Level: Medium (Distance: ~9 kilometers, Elevation gain: 200m, includes uneven terrain)

▶ Suited for families. Children (14+) must be accompanied by adults.


ℹ️ The final duration of the hike and the itinerary may vary, depending on weather conditions, unexpected obstacles (e.g. a fallen tree along the way), or other safety reasons. It is at the discretion of the professional hiking guide to determine alternatives or to shorten or extend the experience.


This is a professional activity in accordance with European Union legislation and Italian law no. 4 dating to 2003.

I am a professional guide enrolled in the register of the Italian Association of Interpretive Nature Guides – AIGAE.


What’s included and what to bring

What’s included?

• Hiking tour from the Claudia Square in Oriolo Romano and back

• We will hike through the Etruscan countryside, which will include open fields, a forest, a waterfall, a sulfur spring and a historical mill

• About 90% of the tour will be hiking, and about 10% I will be explaining noteworthy points of interest

• The hiking tour will start and end close to a train station


What should you bring?

🟢 Obligatory: Hiking boots, 1.5 liters of water, clothing suited for an outdoor hike, backpack, bring your own hiking food/lunch

🟡 Recommended: Comfortable backpack, raincoat, sunscreen, hat (protection from both sun and rain), trail snacks, tickets for public transport

🟠 Optional: Hiking poles, electrolytes, sunglasses


Please note:

The hiking tour does not include transport, food, or entrance to any attractions.


Punto d'incontro
Informazioni tecniche
Distanza 9 Km
Dislivello Salita 200 metri
Dislivello Discesa 200 metri
Abbigliamento Hiking boots, clothing suited for an outdoor hike, backpack,
Equipaggiamento 1.5 liters of water, bring your own hiking food/lunch
Organizzata da

Salvatore Benintende

  • Guida Ambientale Escursionistica
Escursione su richiesta
Scadenza Iscrizioni 27 Luglio 2022
Nazione Italia
Regione Lazio
Provincia Viterbo (VT)
Luogo Oriolo Romano
Orario 09:30 - 13:00
Tipologia di escursione Escursione
Difficoltà T: Turistico
Costo 25