Corso di montagna in Groenlandia dell’Est –

Questo corso di base di Alpinismo offre la possibilità di imparare come andare in sicurezza in montagna e allo stesso tempo conoscere e scoprire la natura e la cultura Groenlandese! 

Il corso è tenuto in lingua Inglese essendo aperto a tutti, ma l'istruttore è italiano. 

Qui allego la descrizione del programma:


This is a recreational course but done in a very wild area where everybody will learn many

things even if participants have previous experience in the mountains.

The main goal of the course is to learn techniques of mountaineering to be able to enjoy the

mountains in the future with friends or clients in a safe environment.

All participants will practice the knowledge learnt and will be able to lead parts of the glacier

travel routs during the last days of the course.


Topics covered in this course:


– knowledge of the gear (slings, ice screws, ATC, t-bloc, micro traction…)

– basic mountaineering knots

– descending/ ascending a rope

– ice anchor and snow anchors

– crevasse rescue and rope work (in different scenarios)

– glaciology and crevasse patterns

– hard ice movement vs snow cover glacier movement

– route selection on a snow cover glacier

– camping in the wilderness on a glacier



What is included

– 5 days guided course thought by a member of the AIMG glacier guide certified guide

– transportation by boat to reach the wild area of the course

– camping dried food and cooking gear (such as stove, pots, gas…) for all days out of Kulusuk

– 2 nights in a mountain hut, one in Kulusuk

– expedition tents

– polar bear deterrent

– sat phone

– a document at the end of the course to be added to your CV, recreational course participation

– a gear list will be sent to the participants in May


What is NOT included:


-Flight to and from Kulusuk

-Personal insurance

– Personal gear (harness, backpack, sleeping bag)


Il Programma in sintesi


day 1 rope work in Kulusuk

day 2 boat to tasiilaq fjord, glacier travel

technique, night in the hut

day 3 glacier travel, camping

day 4 glacier travel hut night

day 5 boat to Kul

day 6 flight back 


Participants: max 6

Period: first week of July

Price: 1.500 euro per person